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Mar 6, 2014 3:59pm PST
voice? >> verse, this is not the right have environment to have this type of discussion. when you have russian troops in crimea, it's hard to see this is not a compromise environment for this type of referendum. second, it violates the ukrainian constitution. crimea is part of ukraine. the ukrainian prime minister has indicated they will have a discussion about its status, but ultimately, the government of kiev has to be at the table, and a condition where russia is out on the streets, that is not the type of environment where you could even have a fair expression of the will of the people of that region. >> the u.s. warship is in the black sea for a military exercise. are you confident this can be resolved peacefully? >> the u.s. typically does in the blacke this sea. we believe it's an important part of our regular military exercises. we also have taken steps in recent days to make sure we are reassuring our allies in nato and europe, and what you have .een is additional flights you have seen additional supplements to poland. we want to make sure our eastern european allies know
Mar 5, 2014 3:59pm PST
institution where three-year-olds can attend nursery. time, anendar environment rich with new vocabulary. >> we use big words in here all the time because we are constantly communicating with them about their day. >> for parents, the cost of sending her here is well worth it. >> we wanted to take money that we might've spent on other things and invested in their education. it is not just education, but it is the sense of socialization, and i think it ultimately gets these kids ahead at a young age. >> that on the other side of town, a world apart, they are doing the dishes together. she has seen a change for the better in her daughter, who has started chatting more. >> before i did not give her the chance to express herself. i would be doing most of the talking. now, i give her a chance to express herself, so she does not get frustrated and angry. >> it has already helped some in their daily lives. i can loves her books, tell you, and hopefully that will help her chances. that brings us to a close, but you can continue watching us on our 24-hour news channel. thanks for watching. >> fund
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2